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Some Story Behind Us

Something About Ombrello

'Ombrello' - An Italian word meaning UMBRELLA describes the vision of our clinic in just one word.

When Dis-ease rains over you, don't forget to hold your umbrella of health. This umbrella approach to health is essential for your overall well-being. It takes good care of your mental, emotional and physical needs.

So when you present with a dis-ease, we help you get rid of the root cause, treat you from the inside out, allow you to heal your traumas and guide you towards your healthier version. We provide your individualised homoeopathic medicine with customised diet plans and all lifestyle changes you need to make to gather yourself up! So next time dis-ease rains, don't forget us!

We do not view our patients as people with diseases but rather, we view our patients as whole individual beings who needs to be treated from within out. We believe in true healing and we target the person in disease and not just the disease.

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Your one stop solution for Chronic Diseases!

What to expect from a right Homoeopath?

An in depth case taking which takes around half an hour to one hour (First time) Followed by a proper work up on your case and coming up with a solution which will include homoeopathic medicines, dietary measures, lifestyle fixes and counselling (Wherever required) Proper follow up every 2 weeks or every month (Varies from case to case)

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